Lack of understanding of social development

A resume is the face of every interviewee. If you do a good job, the interviewer will have a better impression of you. Even if your resume is very well written and the content is very. Informative, but the interviewer asks you questions about your. Resume and you can’t answer them or can’t remember what you wrote. The interviewer’s impression of you will be greatly reduced. After all, on-the-spot performance is more important.

 Inappropriate appearance and dress

Think about it, if you wear a suit  Peru Phone Number List and tie, but a pair of sneakers to an interview, do you think it is appropriate? Or if you don’t take care of your hair and let it stick up when meeting the interviewer? Therefore, it is necessary to prepare a makeup and clothing that suits the interview. After all, the external conditions may also be taken into consideration by the interviewer.

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Aim too high


If you are just a fresh graduate with no working experience, but don’t want to start from the bottom, because you look down on the low salary and think it does not match your status as a college graduate, then you may not be favored by the interviewer. Most of the time, the reason why we can’t reach an agreement with the company is because the salary is too low. If the salary Argentina Phone Number List the company offers you is lower than the market, then we can consider rejecting it, but if this is the general salary for college graduates, then you have nothing to complain about.

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