Best Email Tracking Software and Tools

When you search for email tracking software, it’s easy to find a variety of tools, but most tracking software tells you whether your email was opened and nothing else. However, knowing whether someone opened your email is not enough:

  • It doesn’t tell you where the person is in the buyer’s journey
  • It doesn’t help you understand why they clicked, or where they went.
  • It doesn’t help you determine the role of email in the larger marketing funnel

For example: If you know someone opened your email and clicked a link, how do you move that lead forward? You don’t know which link they clicked, you don’t know if the person has engaged with your brand or team, and you don’t know what they did on your website after clicking. So, what can you do with this email tracking data?

Additionally, there is no single email Chinese Overseas Africa Number Data tracking tool that will suit every company’s needs, and the right software will depend on your needs. Therefore, we’ve listed some of the best email tracking tools and broken them down by usage:

  1. Tools for tracking email opens and interactions
  2. Marketing and sales software with email tracking
  3. Tools to measure mailing list quality and subscriber engagement
  4. All-in-one email marketing tool with powerful analytics

Tools for tracking email opens and interactions

Understanding who does or doesn’t open your emails can help you weed out inactive email subscribers and tweak email subject lines and other content.

The tools below can help you track email opens, but they’re more than just read receipts for your emails. They can also tell you how many times an email was opened and if it was forwarded. They offer link tracking, and more valuable email engagement data.

1 Right Inbox


  • Supported email services: Gmail
  • Pricing: Right Inbox offers a limited free version. Paid plans start at $5.95 per month. There are also team plans for $4.95 per user/month.

Right Inbox is a Google Chrome extension Bahamas Phone Number List that enhances your email sending efforts. With email tracking features, learn who reads and clicks on your emails, how many times, and when. In addition to email tracking, Right Inbox also offers email reminders, sequences, and scheduling features.



  • Supported email services: Gmail and Outlook
  • Pricing: SalesHandy offers lifetime free unlimited email tracking for Gmail users. For Outlook, its regular plans start at $9/user/month.

SalesHandy is an email tracking tool that offers lifetime free unlimited email tracking and scheduling in Gmail. Unlike other free tools, it does not have an email signature. SalesHandy also has an Outlook email tracker plugin that works on any Windows system.

SalesHandy provides insights to improve your email productivity. You get instant desktop notifications for every email open and link click.


3 Mailtrack

  • Supported email services: Gmail
  • Pricing: Mailtrack offers a limited free tier. Their paid plans are $9.99 per month.

Mailtrack is another Gmail email tracking tool that’s available as an extension for Google Chrome. Perhaps one of the most capable tools out there, Mailtrack’s tool provides at-a-glance engagement information, has a dashboard to view all tracked emails, and it works on mobile, too.


4 Streak

  • Supported email services: Gmail
  • Pricing. Streak offers a free plan. Paid tiers start at $49 per user/month.

Streak is another Google Chrome extension for Gmail that differs from other open-tracking apps in that it has a big niche in relationship management. It’s basically a CRM solution right in your Gmail inbox.

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