Any Work With Consequences at Least

When You Just Dream of a Full-fledged Vacation, Massages, Manicures and Other Returns to the Body Are a Great Help .
What Saves Me is My Hobby – for Me It’s Vocals, for Oksana It’s Knitting. Switching Your Brain to Another Activity is a Great Choice.
Time With Family Helps .
There is No Escape From Stress, but Everyone Can Find Their Own Sources of Energy Replenishment. This is What I Wish for the Readers. 🙂

Alexander Stoma, Founder and Head of the Hredu Portal , Business Consultant, Coach

The Ability to Manage Emotions and

Team Agreements Help Us Deal With Stress . We Have a Rule: as Soon as We Start Speaking Emotionally, We Immediately Take a Break for – Minutes. After This, We Analyze What is Happening When One of the Team UK Phone Number Members Becomes a Moderator Who Asks Questions and Helps Clarify the Situation. We Understand Each Other’s Position and Get Back to Work.

Natalia Frankel, Event Organizer, Creator and Author of the Blog Event Marketing From a to Z

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How to Deal With Stress After Work Mistakes

Even the Heaviest Fail Loses Its Sharpness and Pain Over Time. At the Moment of Realizing a Mistake, the Main Thing is to First Calmly Sort Everything Out .

Because Panic and Emotions Are Bad Helpers in Minimizing Negative Consequences. Next is a Cold Analysis: How This Happened and How to Avoid It in the Future.  Distracts From Nerves and Suffering. Only Later, After Analyzing and Australia Phone Number Eliminating or Minimizing What Happened, You Can Suffer, Cry, Have a Drink With a Friend About It, Go to a Psychotherapist, Go to Boxing, Punch a Pillow. It All Depends on the Strength and Depth of Stress. In Any Case, There is No Need to Give Up on Yourself and What You Are Doing. Everyone Has Mistakes and Failures, Both the Great and the Successful Have Had Them – on the Way to the Top They Have Missed So Many Times. But They Did Not Despair and Did Not Turn Back. And We Won’t.

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